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Sponsor Lahaina local nonprofit on Maui

The rebuilding of the land, homes, spirits, town, and Cultural Center will take years.  Nā ‘Aikāne o Maui, Inc has been supporting those efforts long before the firestorm that tore through the former Hawaiian Kingdom Capital.  From Community action to education, they will continue to support their friends, family, and beloved town for years.  While one-time donations are always appreciated, if you want to contribute over the long haul, you can become a sponsor with a monthly contribution.

Donations made to this nonprofit organization are tax deductible.

Nā ‘Aikāne o Maui is a registered 501c3 nonprofit located in Lahaina, Maui. 

For those that prefer to donate by check, please mail them to: Nā ‘Aikāne o Maui, PO Box 11524, Lahaina, HI 96761 while we are rebuilding.

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