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About the Nā 'Aikāne o Maui Community Foundation

The Nā ‘Aikāne o Maui Community Foundation has been putting the people of Lahaina first for decades.  From education to action, we have been on the front lines for the people of Hawai’i.   After the fires on August 8th, 2023, we set up one of the first recovery and aid distribution centers for survivors.  As the recovery process begins, we are assisting with the Cultural Monitoring process.


Help educate our Community about traditional customs and practices.


Work together to help the Lāhui prepare for their future in Hawai'i.


Help inspire the next generation by perpetuating Hawaiian values.

While countless people contribute to the efforts and Nā ‘Aikāne o Maui Community Foundation, Keeaumoku and ‘Uilani Kapu lead the organizations’ daily efforts. Inspired by generations past, future, and present, they constantly strive to support the people of Hawai’i. We have included more information about the leadership group below.

"He Ho'okele Wa'a No Ka La 'Ino

A steersman for a stormy day.

Maui Community Foundation Leaders

Nā ‘Aikāne o Maui Community Foundation is a registered 501c3 offering various services on Ka Malu ‘Ulu o Lele (The Breadfruit Grove of Lele) and beyond.  We help with burial councils, research land titles for families, cultural monitoring, and running workshops. We are helping to guide Lahainaʻs future generations with traditional knowledge and practices.

Keeaumoku Kapu

Keeaumoku Kapu

Served thef Maui Lands/Burial Conference, Native Hawaiian Historic Preservation Council, Office of Hawaiian Affairs Trustee, Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council, and more.

'Uilani Kapu Maui Organizer

'Uilani Kapu

Passionate about supporting the people of Lahaina past and present, she serves as the Director of Lahaina, Maui Cultural Center and Museum. One of her focuses is documenting Kupuna (Elders) and their stories.

The Nā ‘Aikāne o Maui Community Foundation and organization is involved in various issues and services across the entire Pae ‘Āina.  If you donʻt see what you are looking for or want more information, please Contact Us.

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