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Lahaina, Maui Museum and Hawaiian Community Center

The Nā ‘Aikāne took over the space at 562A Front Street, which had a long history of serving its Community in 2011. The Lahaina Cultural Center would be much more than a Maui museum; it would be a research hub, education, and action base to serve the people of Hawai’i. Even though the building and countless cultural treasures were lost in the August 8th, 2023 firestorm, our work serving the people continues.  Feel free to take a look at our news articles for more information.

Ola Hou

Rebuilding the Lahaina Maui Museum and Cultural Center.


Offering spaces for the Community to heal, connect, and regroup.


Providing assistance and support to those trying to move forward.

The State-owned facility had served as a Soup Kitchen for the ILWU Senior Care Facility and a meeting space for the Boyʻs and Girls Club. It served as a living cultural center much more than a Maui museum. The halls were filled with irreplaceable historical artifacts, reference materials, land maps, impact statements, and Native testimonials. But they were also filled with joy, camaraderie, knowledge, life, laughter, and tears. Within hours of the ashes settling, Nā ‘Aikāne set up a temporary hub to distribute aid to the Community and continues this mission today.

Rebuilding the Lahaina Maui Museum and Cultural Center

While we are currently focused on rebuilding the time will come to do the same for the Lahaina Maui Cultural Museum. For those who want to assist with the efforts, one of the best ways to do so is through sponsorship. We have already resumed many services at temporary locations around West Maui. Mahalo piha to those who have helped with the recovery and rebuilding efforts.

Ke'eaumoku and U'ilani Kapu

'Āina Research

Traditional land use, farming practices, cultural sites, and land title research knowledge, information, and investigation services.


Nā 'Aikāne o Maui can assist families who want to research their Mo'okū'auhau (genealogy) and family lands.

Cultural Workshops

This Maui Community Organization provides a variety of cultural workshops and education programs to help people connect.

Traditional Customs

Nā 'Aikāne o Maui helps keep traditional customs, practices, and knowledge alive for future generations

Meeting & Outreach

Active in many different aspects of the Community, the Nā 'Aikāne o Maui 501c3 Organization has strong roots throughout Hawai'i.

Fire Relief & Recovery

Nā 'Aikāne o Maui was one of the first distribution hubs to assist survivors in their recovery after the fires.

While the physical location of the Nā ‘Aikāne o Maui Museum and Community Center is gone, we continue to offer services and support across the Pae ‘Āina. If you have any questions or want more information, please feel free to Contact Us.

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